Following the triumph of Padma Run Semarang 2023, we are thrilled to announce the return of this prestigious running event on 15 September 2024. With a mission that transcends athleticism, Padma Run Semarang 2024 promises not only an extraordinary racing experience but also the opportunity to contribute to a noble cause.


This year, participants can choose between a 10K and a 5K run, each meticulously planned to offer a challenging yet exhilarating route. To enhance your race day experience, we are introducing an upgraded race pack, filled with premium goodies that reflect the essence of Padma's commitment to excellence.


Join us in this celebration of endurance, community spirit, and philanthropy. Together, let's create memories and break personal records, all while making meaningful impact.


For more information regarding race course, registration, and pricing, stay tuned on Instagram @padma_run



Registration opens on 15 June 2024

Registration Fee

10K : IDR 350,000/ participant
5K : IDR 225,000/ participant


*Online registration only


For more information and assistance regarding registration, contact Lawana



It is compulsory that all participants read the following rules and regulations prior to registering for Padma Run Semarang 2024.



For more information regarding sponsorship, please contact Salman Alfarisi at or call +62 (24) 3300 0900